Feedback on the program has been overwhelmingly positive

Here are a few comments from parents and children:

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 "The workshop was really fun and they loved the shape game and the activity with the ball where you acted out the emotion it landed on. The girls really enjoyed interacting with the other kids and loved Natalie and Elizabeth. They also really enjoyed the relaxing time at the end while being read to."

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"In today's complicated world, empowering my children with the skill of resilience is an investment that is lifelong. Learning resilience I believe will make my kids mentally stronger, more self assured and ultimately happier. Love this investment, thank you Resilience in Kids"

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"I feel strong now. Before I would have been a target and now I feel strong."

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"Not only does my 7 year old daughter worry less now, but she actually sings on the way to her 'Resilience in Kids' classes as she enjoys them so much. I am so grateful to the team for helping her better navigate friendships and the schoolyard in a healthy and positive way"


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"My boys did the program this term and loved it. They delighted me with anecdotes re their personal journey of understanding emotions and reactions. We need the next generation to be more resilient and aware of mental health and this is a great start which I highly recommend"

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"It was fun. Loved the games and want to go back."

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 “My kids loved the session. They've asked if they can come again! It appears to have touched many of the key areas and I've noticed my children talking much more about the different feelings they have. Certainly more to explore here!"

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"I am really delighted that there is a program that is specifically created to help kids resilience and self confidence. Skills that they will continue to practice and reflect on throughout their childhood and indeed through their lifetimes. Important life lessons for any kid who wants to be the best possible person they can be in an increasingly complex world. Thank you for your efforts and passion Susie."