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small group parent coaching

why small group parent coaching

Parents who attend our small group program are able to share their experiences with others and learn that they are not alone in experiencing what they are going through. This is a beautiful process to watch and forms a core part of the all important ‘self-care’ that so often goes by the wayside in today’s busy, always ‘on’ culture.

Parents are able to build new and supportive peer relationships and benefit from learning the full breadth of our parent coaching program. They are also able to enjoy spending some quality time away from home life, focusing solely on the critical role they play in their family and doing so in a warm, supportive, relaxed and informal atmosphere.

the lowdown

Our small group coaching for parents consists of 4, 90-minute evening sessions that take place across 4 weeks in a local cafe. We create a warm and inviting ‘home away from home’ atmosphere and invite up to 10 parents to join us for each program.

Our workshop content is underpinned by the latest scientific research into resilience but there is no fluff or scientific jargon - just a practical toolkit of strategies to apply.

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1-1 parent coaching

why 1-1 parent coaching

Parents who opt for 1-1 coaching (or 1-2 - we are happy to coach couples!) are able to focus on the specific challenges that they are experiencing. We can spend our sessions together addressing a particular issue or honing a particular skill, or we can coach you around a broader area, such as helping your child sleep better, helping your child make good friendship choices or helping encourage a greater sense of independence. The key benefit here - we are offering a bespoke solution.

We are also able to work at a time and a pace that suits you and your family rhythm.

the lowdown

Our 1-1 parent coaching is made up of one-off sessions that you can book individually and that either take place in the comfort of your own home or via Zoom (or Skype, we are happy to work with whatever technology works for you!) at a time and a pace that suits you.

Our 1-1 parent coaching is for parents of everyday children experiencing everyday challenges, such as making good friendship choices, managing their emotions and learning that it is OK to make mistakes. 

Whilst we are happy to offer one-off 1-1 sessions, we do strongly recommend you book a minimum of two sessions - we are able to have a much greater impact when we are able to hold a follow up session with you. It’s important to point out that this is not therapy or counselling - there is a fine line between the two which we manage diligently.

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