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Parent presentations

why parent presentations

Bringing us in to present to parents about how to become their child’s personal ‘Resilience Coach’ gives parents the skills to build their children’s resilience at home. This is important because parents have the most significant influence on their children’s resilience. And why is it important for schools to have resilient children? Because resilient children achieve better educational outcomes.

Our presentations can also help relieve the pressure on teachers as they have a more resilient student and parent community to work with.

the lowdown

Our presentations last either 90- or 120-minutes. We typically deliver them in the evenings but are flexible and can also deliver these during the day. Our presentations are underpinned by the latest scientific research but are fluff and jargon free - our focus is on giving parents simple and practical tools and techniques.

We focus on developing the behaviours in our Resilience Framework and addressing the challenges children and parents tell us they are experiencing. But outside of that we are happy to create wholly bespoke events that meet the unique needs of the school community we are working with.

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educator professional development

why educator professional development

We give your educators simple and practical skills, tools and techniques to be able to build a resilient culture in your organisation - whether it is a school, a sporting club, a child care centre, or similar organisation.

This isn’t about creating extra work for your educators - we’re not giving them extra lesson plans to fit into their already busy schedule and we’re not expecting them to do copious amounts of extra study. Rather our aim is to give them the language and the insight they need to be able to respond to their students and each other in a resilience building way. It’s about enabling a ‘new way of working around here’.

the lowdown

This is a highly tailored and bespoke offering that we will craft in partnership with you and based on the unique challenges that you are facing. It typically consists of a short and sharp professional development solution, along with ongoing support and follow up post the event.

Our Educator Professional Development can be delivered to in tact teams, groups of individual educators or on a 1-1 basis.

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Why incursions

We come into schools, after school care providers, pre-schools and other educational institutions and deliver fun incursions that help build children’s resilience. These can be delivered to individual classes\groups of children or entire stages.

Children learn through play so everything we do in the classroom is play-based - we translate the 8 pillars of our Resilience Framework into fun games and activities that kids love. These include drama, art, craft, storytelling and games.

Our Resilience Coaches are deeply experienced and not only bring with them experience working with groups of children but also some form of therapeutic background, whether this be counselling, therapy, wellbeing, social work or similar. This means they know their stuff and are able to make our content meaningful and bring it to life for kids.

Educators often don’t have the training, expertise or time to be able to build the resilience of the children in their class\group - we do this for them, but include the option of involving educators and giving them professional development and supporting materials so they can continue to create a resilient culture in their classroom\centre after we have left.

Our stage incursions have more of a performance focus - we still teach kids resilience in a fun and interactive way, but given the numbers involved high levels of engagement are achieved through performance based activities rather than hands on classroom based activities.

the lowdown

We have a range of incursions that schools can select from, that give children practical tools and strategies to become more resilient. These include helping children manage their emotions, understand that we can learn from failure and that mistakes are OK, practise ‘self-care is health-care’, make friends with fear, make healthy friendship choices, manage conflict and lots more. We can also create bespoke incursions to meet the unique needs of the educational institution we are partnering with.