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Susie Mogg, Founder of Resilience in Kids, introduces Resilience in Kids.


Susie Mogg, Founder of Resilience in Kids, talks about what makes the program unique.


many children lack essential life skills and struggle to cope with everyday challenges


This can lead to them not being able to focus at school, lack sleep, have meltdowns, make unhealthy friendship choices, have feelings of low self-worth and more. In some children, it can lead to anxiety and other poor mental health outcomes.

Teaching children these critical skills can help increase the likelihood they will meet their potential, be mentally healthy and feel happier as they navigate life’s ups and downs.

This is an inherently creative process, which can lead to highly creative outcomes.

“I really wanted to thank you so much for the program. It is such a game changer for the kids, it has been a huge year for us as a family with both boys moving not only to new a new school but from Steiner Education into mainstream. Our Resilience Coach has been wonderful for both the boys and I love hearing them talk about their ‘tools’.
Parent from one of our Lower North Shore before school workshops.


Susie Mogg, Founder of Resilience in Kids, defines resilience and talks about why it is important to build our children's resilience.

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Resilience is a skill that can be learned. We believe that all children should be taught this critical skill.


At Resilience in Kids we offer before and after school workshops, holiday camps and 1-1 coaching for children. We also offer small group and 1-1 coaching to parents and deliver presentations to parents through schools. We also build whole school resilience through incursions and by developing educator and parent capability.

Our work is delivered by a highly experienced team of Resilience Coaches and everything we do with children is fun and play-based - we translate concepts into a language kids understand and this enables us to keep things fun and engaging. Our program is also highly creative - not only do we follow a creative process when building children’s resilience but our program leads to creative outcomes.

Our program is an everyday program for everyday kids.


Natalie Mackenzie, Resilience Coach, explains the power behind play-based learning.

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