Parent 1-1 Coaching (4 x 1 hour, face to face sessions)

Parent 1-1 Coaching (4 x 1 hour, face to face sessions)


Join us for 4 x 1 hour, 1-1, face to face coaching sessions that will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to strengthen your children's resilience and take on the role of "Parent Resilience Coach".

We will provide you with simple and practical tools and techniques, along with an opportunity to discuss your experience of strengthening your children's resilience in safe environment. Each session will last an hour each and will take place within the comfort of your own home (provided you live on the Lower North Shore).

Our coaching is delivered by deeply experienced Resilience Coaches and whilst our content is underpinned by the latest scientific research our focus will be on making this "real" - there will be no motherhood statements or scientific jargon.

It's important to note that our coaching sessions are not wholly individualised and tailored, i.e. we are not offering counselling or therapy. However, we will adjust our content to meet your needs and will frame the sessions in the unique context that you share with us.

Once you have made payment, we will put you in touch with your Resilience Coach and you can work directly with them to find a suitable day and time for your sessions. Note that we will need an uninterrupted space in your home for the sessions.

The price for 1-1 coaching is the same regardless of whether 1 or both parents attend.

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