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The long summer holidays are almost over and for most kids next week represents the start of a new school year. Some will be starting school for the first time, others will be starting in new schools and others will be staying at the same school but joining new classes.

Many kids are excited to be starting back at school, but for others this can be a difficult time – one that brings plenty of opportunity to flex that all important resilience muscle. This can be a difficult time for parents too, one that brings mixed feelings.

So what can we, as parents, do over the next few days to help our children feel ‘school ready’ and to help strengthen their resilience muscle?

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The lead up to Christmas and the long school holidays can be stressful for parents. I speak to many parents daily, both in a personal and a professional capacity, and many of them are doing it tough, commenting that they are snapping more at their kids or loved ones, are struggling to sleep, feel ongoing low levels of anxiety or worse.

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